Epson Stylus Pro 4800
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Maintenance and Transportation

Replacing the Paper Cutter

When the paper cutter does not cut cleanly, it may be blunt and require replacement.

The cutter blade is sharp. Be careful not to cut yourself while replacing the paper cutter.

To check the product code of the Auto Cutter Spare Blade, see Consumable Products.

To replace the paper cutter, follow the steps below.

Make sure the printer is on.

Press the Menu button to enter the SelecType mode.

Press the or button to display CUTTER REPLACE on the LCD.

You can also take the following steps.
Press the or button to display MAINTENANCE on the LCD. Press the Menu button, and then press the or button to display CUTTER REPL.

Press the Menu button to display EXEC. Press the Menu button again. The paper cutter holder moves to the replacement position.

Never move the paper cutter holder by hand; otherwise, damage to your printer may occur.

When the print head stops at the replacement position, OPEN TOP COVER appears. Open the top cover.

When REPLACE CUTTER appears on the LCD, hold down the side pin as shown and turn the latch to the right.

Release the side pin and carefully remove the cutter blade.

Remove the new paper cutter from its package.

Insert the new cutter as shown. Make sure the cutter side pin is turned to the left.

Push down on the side pin while turning the latch to the left.

Make sure the paper cutter cover is installed correctly; otherwise, the paper may not be cut.

Make sure CLOSE TOP COVER appears, and then close the top cover. The cutter holder moves to the home (far right) position.

Wait until READY appears on the LCD.



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