Reference Guide


Product Information

Printer Specifications
System Requirements
Interface Specifications
Options and Consumable Products

The Control Panel

Buttons, Lights and Messages
SelecType Settings
SelecType in Summary
Maintenance Mode

Printer Software

Accessing the Printer Software
Using the Printer Driver
Using the Printer Utilities
Getting Information Through Online Help
Increasing the Print Speed (Windows only)
Checking Printer and Print Job Status for Windows
Checking Printer and Print Job Status for Macintosh
Uninstalling the Printer Software (Windows only)
Uninstalling the USB Host Device Driver (Windows 98 only)

Paper Handling

Notes for Special Media and Other Media
Using Roll Paper
Using Cut Sheet Media
Setting the Paper Basket

Maintenance and Transportation

Replacing Ink Cartridges
Replacing the Paper Cutter
Cleaning the Printer
Transporting the Printer


Printer Stops Printing Unexpectedly
The Printer does not Turn on or Stay on
The Printer Prints Nothing
Printouts are Not What You Expected
Print Quality Could be Better
Color Documents Print in Black Only
Printing Could be Faster
Roll Paper Cannot be Cut
Paper Feed or Paper Jam Problems Occur Frequently
Roll Paper does not Eject Properly
Clearing Paper Jams
Contacting Customer Support
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