Using the Scanner as a Copier

You can use your scanner along with a printer connected to your computer just like you would use a copy machine. You can even enlarge and reduce, restore faded colors, remove dust, enhance text, and adjust image brightness and contrast as you copy.
Place your original(s) on the document table. See one of these sections for instructions.
Documents or photos: Placing Documents or Photos
Film or slides: Placing Film or Slides
Start the Copy Utility in one of these ways:
Press the  Copy button on the scanner.
If you start Copy Utility with the  Copy button, the Epson Scan window opens at the same time.
Windows 8: Navigate to the Apps screen and select Copy Utility.
Windows 7/Vista/XP: Select the start button or Start > Programs or All Programs > Epson Software > Copy Utility.
Mac OS X: Select Applications > Epson Software and double-click the Copy Utility icon.
You see the Copy Utility window.
Click to open the Epson Scan window, if necessary.
Scan your document using Epson Scan. See Scanning Your Originals for more information.
If the Epson Scan window is still open after scanning the document, click Close.
The scanned image is displayed in the Copy Utility main window.
Check the scanned image and then rotate it using the thumbnail tool if necessary.
When you have finished checking the image, click .
The window for print settings is displayed.
The button is not active until after a scan has been performed and an image is ready to be printed.
Specify the necessary items, and then click Print to print the image.
The scanned image is printed.