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Making User Defined Paper Sizes for Windows

Defining a custom paper size

Defining a custom paper size

You can define a custom paper size and add it to the list.

Select User Defined as the Size setting. The User Defined Paper Size dialog appears.

Type a name for your paper size in the Paper Size Name box.

Choose either cm or inch as the Unit setting.

Specify the width and height for your paper size. The range of available size is shown under each text box.

Although you can define a large range of paper sizes, the size of paper you can feed into the printer is limited by the size of the sheet feeder on your printer. Therefore, if necessary, it is recommended that you reduce or enlarge documents to fit paper within the range of your printer's capabilities.

Click Save, then click OK to return to the Main menu.Your new user-defined paper size name appears as the Size setting.

To delete a custom paper size from the list, open the User Defined Paper Size dialog and select the user-defined paper size name you want to delete. Then, click Delete.



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