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Saving Files to a Memory Card

Precautions on saving files
Saving files to the memory card

The built-in card slot can be used as a card drive that functions like a floppy disk drive. This section provides instructions on how to save image files from your computer to a memory card inserted in the built-in card slot.

Precautions on saving files


Saving files to the memory card

Make sure this product's is on, with a memory card inserted. Connect this product and your computer with USB cable.

For Windows XP users:
Click Start and select My Computer.

For Windows Me, 98 and 2000 users:
Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.

Double-click the removable disk icon and the folder where you want to save image files.

  • If you have set the volume label, it displayed as a drive name. If you have not set the volume label, the removable disk is displayed as a drive name.
  • Be sure the memory card is inserted correctly, otherwise an error message will appear. If this happens, click Cancel and then insert the memory card correctly.

Select an image file and then drag it to the folder you want to save to.



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