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Printing with Macintosh / Checking Printer Status and Managing Print Jobs

Using EPSON Monitor3

Accessing EPSON Monitor3
Managing print jobs using EPSON Monitor3
Changing the priority of print jobs

After you send a print job to the printer, you can use the EPSON Monitor3 utility to check, cancel, or change the priority of print jobs that are queued for printing. This utility also shows the status of the job currently being printed.

Accessing EPSON Monitor3

To access EPSON Monitor3, follow these steps.

First, turn on Background Printing in the Chooser or in the Background Printing dialog box.

Send a print job to the printer.

Select EPSON Monitor3 from the Application menu at the right end of the menu bar. The EPSON Monitor3 dialog box opens.

You can also open EPSON Monitor3 by double-clicking the EPSON Monitor3 icon in the Extensions folder.


Managing print jobs using EPSON Monitor3

Using EPSON Monitor3, you can manage print jobs as described below:


Pauses printing and keeps the current print job at the top of the print queue


Resumes printing


Stops printing and deletes the current print job from the print queue

Print Head Cleaning

Starts the Print Head Cleaning utility

Status Monitor

Starts EPSON StatusMonitor, which displays the amount of ink remaining


Changing the priority of print jobs

To change the priority of print jobs in a print queue, follow the steps below.

You can also change the priority of print jobs whose print times were previously set in the printer driver's Background Printing dialog box.

In the Document Name column, select the print job for which you wish to change the priority.

Click the Show details arrow to open an extension at the bottom of the EPSON Monitor3 dialog box, similar to the one below.

From the Priority list, select Urgent, Normal, Hold, or Print Time.

If you select Print Time, a dialog box opens where you can specify the date and time that the document will print. Make sure that your printer and computer are turned on at the specified time.


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