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Cancelling Printing

For Windows users
For Macintosh users

If the printouts are not what you expected and contain incorrect or garbled characters or images, you may need to cancel printing. To cancel printing, follow the instructions in the appropriate section below.

For Windows users

It is possible to cancel printing using the Progress Meter or the EPSON Spool Manager. Refer to the appropriate section below.

Using the Progress Meter

When you send a print job to the printer, the Progress Meter appears on your computer screen.

Click the Stop button to cancel printing.

Using EPSON Spool Manager

EPSON Spool Manager is similar to Windows Print Manager. If it receives two or more print jobs at one time, it holds them in the order that they were received (with printers on a network this may be called a print queue). When a print job reaches the top of the line, the EPSON Spool Manager sends the job to the printer. From the Spool Manager, you can cancel print jobs that have been sent to the printer. You can also pause and resume or restart selected print jobs.

EPSON Spool Manager is not available for Windows 2000.

After you send a print job, an EPSON Stylus COLOR 580 button appears on the taskbar. Click this button to open the EPSON Spool Manager. To cancel a print job, select the appropriate job and click Cancel.


For Macintosh users

The procedure for canceling printing for Macintosh varies, depending upon whether background printing is on or off. Refer to the appropriate section below.

When background printing is on

Follow the steps below to cancel a print job.

Select EPSON Monitor3 from the application menu.

Unplug the printer.

In the Document Name list, select the document which is printing, then click the Stop icon button to cancel the print job.

When background printing is off

Follow the steps below to cancel a print job.

Unplug the printer.

Hold down the command key on your keyboard and press the period (.) key to cancel the print job.



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