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Loading Special Paper and Other Media

About special media cleaning sheets

You can achieve good results with most plain bond paper. However, coated paper and glossy film result in higher quality printouts because these media absorb smaller amounts of ink.

EPSON provides special media that are formulated for the ink used in EPSON ink jet printers. EPSON recommends using media distributed by EPSON to ensure high-quality results. See EPSON special media for a complete list of these products.

When loading special paper distributed by EPSON, read the instruction sheets packed with your special media first and keep the following points in mind.

If you extend the printable area with the Maximum setting in the printer driver, the cut corner on special paper may mar your printout.


Up to 10 envelopes.

If the total thickness of the stack of envelopes exceeds 10 mm, press each envelope flat before loading.

360 dpi Ink Jet Paper and Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper

Up to the arrow mark on the left edge guide.

Photo Quality Ink Jet Card, Ink Jet Note Card, and Ink Jet Greeting Card

Up to 30 index cards. Always place the included support sheet* under the cards.

Photo Quality Glossy Film

One sheet at a time for best results. Always put a support sheet* or a sheet of plain paper under the glossy film.
If you wish to load multiple sheets, load a maximum of 20 sheets and set the minimum top margin of the page to 30 mm.

Ink Jet Transparencies

Up to 30 transparencies. Always put a sheet of plain paper under the stack of transparencies.

Photo Quality Self Adhesive Sheet

One sheet at a time.

Photo Paper

Up to 20 sheets of 4 x 6 inch Photo Paper. Always put a support sheet* under the stack of Photo Paper.
200 x 300 mm Photo Paper can only be loaded 1 sheet at a time.

Photo Stickers 16 and Photo Stickers 4

One sheet at a time. Always put the included Support Sheets A and B under the stack of Photo Stickers.

Panoramic Photo Paper and Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper

One sheet at a time.

Matte Paper-Heavyweight

Up to 20 sheets. Always put a support sheet* under the stack of Matte Paper-Heavyweight.

*  Take care not to print on support sheets loaded under special media.

  • Return the adjust lever to the "0" position before printing on media of normal thickness. Leaving the lever in the "+" position may cause gaps in the printed image.
  • When the adjust lever is in the "+" position, make sure the High Speed setting in the printer driver's Advanced dialog box is off. To turn this option off, you may also need to change the Print Quality setting or align the print head using the Print Head Alignment utility.

If you wish to print on the reverse side of an Ink Jet Card with Maximum selected as the Printable Area setting, flatten the cards or curl them slightly toward the opposite side before loading. Set the adjust lever to the "+" position before printing.

About special media cleaning sheets

Cleaning sheets packaged with EPSON special media should not be used with this printer. The cleaning function performed by these sheets is not necessary with this type of printer, and the sheets could jam in the printer.