Printing With Windows

Before you start, make sure your printer is set up and its software is installed as described on the Start Here sheet. (For Windows NT 4.x, see your Printer Basics book to install your printer software.)

Whenever you print, make sure you do the following:

See these sections for instructions on selecting printer settings:

Printing From an Application

After you create a document in a software program, follow these steps to print it using the basic printer settings:

  1. From the file menu, click Print. You see a Print window like this one:

  2. Make sure EPSON Stylus C84 Series is selected.
  3. Click the Preferences or Properties button. (If you see a Setup, Printer, or Options button, click it. Then click Preferences or Properties on the next screen.)
  4. Select the following in the preferences window:

  5. Select from these Quality Option settings:
  6. Draft: for rough drafts with reduced print quality

    Text: for text-only documents with higher text quality

    Text & Image: for documents with text and images with higher quality

    Photo: for photos and graphics with good quality and speed

    Best Photo: for photos or graphics with high print quality

    Note: The Quality Option settings on this screen give you the best combination of quality and speed for most prints. For the highest quality (Photo RPM) on selected papers, click the Advanced button on the Main tab. Then see Customizing Windows Print Settings for instructions on selecting Photo RPM.

  7. Select the paper Type for the paper you've loaded. See Selecting the Correct Paper Type for more information about paper types.
  8. Select other settings as shown above.
  9. Tip: For more information about printer settings, click the ? or Help button.

  10. Click OK.
  11. At the Print window, click OK or Print to start printing.

During printing, this window appears and shows the progress of your print job. You can use the buttons to cancel, pause, or resume printing. You can also see how much ink you have left.

Tip: You can also cancel printing by pressing the paper button on your printer.

Selecting Default Settings

Your printer settings only apply to the program you're currently using. If you want, you can change the Windows default printer settings for all your programs.

  1. Right-click the printer icon in the lower right corner of your screen (taskbar).
  2. Select Printer Settings. You see the window shown in Printing From an Application.
  3. Select the default settings you want for all your applications, then click OK.

You can still change the printer settings in your program, if necessary.