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Scanning Basics

Scanning from the Full Auto Mode

Start the TWAIN-compliant application and open EPSON TWAIN. The following window appears.

EPSON TWAIN automatically previews the image and recognizes the image type. See Document Type Recognition setting.

If you want to make more settings, click Cancel and then click the Manual Mode button to open the Manual mode window.

When you install the optional Film Adapter, the following window appears first.

If you want to scan from the document table on the scanner using the Full Auto Mode, remove the Film Adapter, replace and close the document cover and then click Scan. If you want to scan from the Film Adapter, click the Manual Mode button.

After EPSON TWAIN has previewed and recognized the image type, the following window appears. EPSON TWAIN automatically sets the Image Location setting and Exposure setting, and then starts scanning. If you scan multiple photos, the number of scanned image will be indicated.

The scanned image(s) is sent to the application.

  • You cannot scan an image which exceeds the available memory or disk space. If you try to scan a very large image, an alert appears on the screen.
  • After an image is scanned, be sure to save or export it.

Document Type Recognition setting

The image is automatically recognized as one of the following document type:

Color Photo:

24-bit color scanning

Black & White Photo:

8-bit gray scanning


24-bit color scanning with color smoothing

Text/Line Art:

Black and white scanning

Color Document:

24-bit color scanning with de-screening to remove moiré patterns

Black & White Document:

8-bit gray scanning with de-screening

A moiré is a cross-hatch pattern that appears on scanned images when scanning printed material. It is a result of interference that occurs due to the difference between the pitches of the scanning and the halftone screens.

Image Location setting

Auto Locate:

The scanner automatically locates and selects the target image. The image appears without white borders. (If the document type is document or Text/Line Art, a 2 mm margin is added around all edges of the location.) If the document type is photo, Auto Locate applies to each photo; otherwise it covers the whole area of the image.

Detect Skew Angle:

The scanner automatically detects the skew of the target image. If the document type is photo, Detect Skew Angle applies to each photo. If the document type is Text/Line Art, it covers the whole area of the image.

Exposure setting

The scanner automatically optimizes the exposure of an image defined by Auto Locate. The Gamma, Highlight, and Shadow settings are automatically set.



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