Online Reference Guide


Understanding EPSON TWAIN Features

Color Adjustment

Click the Color Adjustment button on the Manual mode window to view the following dialog box.

  • The Color Adjustment button appears dimmed and these settings cannot be selected when Pixel Depth is set to 14-bit Gray, 8-bit Gray, or Black & White.
  • You can see the effects of the Color Adjustment settings in the Preview window.

Gray Balance Intensity:

Gray Balance Intensity removes unwanted color casts and tints by balancing color saturation.

Click the eyedropper button beneath the slider. The mouse pointer changes to an eyedropper. Then click the color you want to be gray. The eyedropper "picks up" the color and displays it in the box beside the eyedropper button. You can then correct the cast level for that color from 0 to 100 by moving the slider. The corrected color appears in the box on the right, and the effect shows up immediately in the preview image. Click Cancel to restore the original image.


Saturation is the property that defines color depth. Select the saturation level for color from -100 (less color) to 100 (more color) by moving the slider.



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