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Understanding EPSON TWAIN Features

Tone Correction

Click the Tone Correction button on the Manual mode window to view the following dialog box.

  • The default setting is the Linear.
  • The Tone Correction button appears dimmed and is not available when Pixel Depth is set to Black & White and Halftone is set to None, or B/W Option is set to Text Enhancement Technology in the Image Type dialog box.
  • You can see the effects of the Tone Correction settings in the Preview window.

The tone value represents the contrast in the tonal relationship between an original image and its reproduction on a monitor or printer.

Tone Curve Name list:

Select a tone correction setting from this list. The custom settings you have saved appear in this list.

Tone curve editor:

The editor allows you to customize tone correction. Drag points on the tone curve to adjust the tone value. You can edit up to five tonal elements.

Output options:

If you select the check box for a specific point, such as 1/4 Tone or Midtone, you can move that point and it remains where you leave it; it is not affected by the movement of other points on the curve. If the check box is cleared, the point becomes affected by the movement of other points.

Channels options:

You can select the combined red, green, and blue (RGB) channel to modify all colors, or select these colors separately.

If Pixel Depth is set to Black & White, 14-bit Gray, or 8-bit Gray in the Image Type dialog box, you can only select the combined RGB channel option.

Save/Delete/OK/Cancel/Help buttons:

After you correct tone, type a name for your custom settings in the tone correction list and click Save.

To delete a setting, select the name of the setting you want to delete in the tone correction list and click Delete.

To accept the defining Tone Correction or close the dialog box, click OK.

To cancel the operation, click Cancel.

To access the online help, click Help.



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