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Understanding EPSON TWAIN Features


Destination list
Destination button

Select the destination, or output device, where the scanned image is to be printed or displayed using the Destination list or button.

Destination list

The Destination list contains the following predefined settings and any custom settings you have saved in the Destination dialog box. Click the arrows on the right to view all the available settings.

Destination name


Black & White



96 dpi (for Windows)
72 dpi (for Macintosh)

96 dpi (for Windows)
72 dpi (for Macintosh)


200 dpi

200 dpi


300 dpi

300 dpi

EPSON Stylus Printer (Fine)

360 dpi

150 dpi

EPSON Stylus Printer (Photo)

720 dpi

300 dpi

Laser Printer

600 dpi

200 dpi

If you are using an EPSON Stylus printer and are printing scanned images with the Economy, Normal, or Fine Print Quality settings in your printer software, selecting EPSON Stylus Printer (Fine) is recommended. If you are printing with the SuperFine or Photo Print Quality settings, select EPSON Stylus Printer (Photo).

The effects of the Destination settings cannot be viewed in the Preview window.


Destination button

The Destination button allows you to customize the Destination settings. To make your own settings, such as scanning resolution, click this button. The following dialog box appears.

Destination Name:

Predefined and custom setting names appear in the Destination menu.


Select a scanning resolution for Black & White or Gray/Color.

  • When the Pixel Depth setting in the Image Type dialog box is set to Black & White, the Black & White setting takes effect and the Gray/Color setting becomes irrelevant. For other Pixel Depth settings, the Gray/Color setting takes effect and the Black & White setting becomes irrelevant.
  • To print your scanned document when Resolution is set to Black & White, select the same resolution setting from the list as you select in the printer driver. To print your scanned document when Resolution is set to Gray/Color, select a resolution between 150 and 300 dpi. If you select a higher resolution, the Gray/Color setting requires longer to print, but does not improve the output quality.
  • The Resolution setting is closely related to the Image Size and Scale settings. If you change them arbitrarily, the resulting image may not be what you expected.
  • The range of resolution values depends on your scanner.

To save the settings you made, type a new name in the Destination Name box, and then click Save.

To delete a Destination setting, select the target setting name to be deleted in the Destination Name menu, then click Delete.

To apply the settings you made, click OK. To cancel the settings, click Cancel.

To access the online help, click Help.



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