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Uninstalling your Online Reference Guide

For Windows
For Macintosh

Follow the appropriate section below to uninstall your Online Reference Guide.

For Windows

To uninstall applications in Windows XP or 2000, it is necessary to log on as a user with administrator privileges: that is, a user with a Computer Administrator account in Windows XP or a user who belongs to the Administrators group in Windows 2000. In Windows XP, you cannot uninstall applications if you log on as a Limited-account user.

Turn off the scanner and disconnect the cable between the scanner and the computer.

In Control Panel, double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon (for Windows XP users), or the Add/Remove Programs icon (for Windows Me, 98, or 2000 users).

Select Perf1270_1670 Reference Guide from the list, then click Change/Remove (for Windows XP or 2000 users), or Add/Remove (for Windows Me or 98 users).

A confirming dialog box appears. Click OK.

Follow the on-screen instructions.


For Macintosh

Note for Perfection 1270 users:
The Perfection 1270 does not support Macintosh.

Drag the Reference Guide folder, located in the EPSON Perfection 1670 folder, from the hard disk to the Trash. Then, drag the Perf1670 Reference Guide icon from the desktop to the Trash.


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