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Paper Handling

Notes for Special Media and Other Media

Using EPSON special media
Using paper other than EPSON special media

Although most types of coated paper will provide good printing results, printout quality varies depending on the paper quality and the manufacturer. Test the printout quality before purchasing large amounts of paper.

Keep fingers off the printable surface of the media, as fingerprints may reduce printout quality. Whenever possible, use gloves to handle media.

Using EPSON special media

EPSON provides special media that can enrich the usage and expressive power of the printing results. When using EPSON special media, make sure the appropriate settings are made in the printer driver as described in "Printer Software". For information on EPSON special media, see EPSON special media.

  • Use EPSON special media in a normal room environment (temperature and humidity) for best results.
  • When loading EPSON special media, read the instruction sheets enclosed first.

Storing EPSON special media


Using paper other than EPSON special media

When you use paper other than EPSON special media, or print using the RIP (Raster Images Processor), see the instructions included with the paper or RIP system, or contact your supplier for more information.


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