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Printing with Windows

Basic Settings

Making the printer driver settings
Canceling printing

Making the printer driver settings

This section describes the basic printer driver settings for printing your data.

To make the basic printer driver settings, follow the steps below.

Click Print on the File menu of your application. The Print dialog box appears.

Make sure your printer is selected, and then click Properties or Options. You may need to click a combination of these buttons. The driver settings window appears.

Click the Main tab. The Main menu appears.

From Media Type, select a media that matches the paper loaded in the printer. See Media Type setting list.

  • The Media Type setting determines what other settings are available; therefore, always make this setting first.
  • Some media types are not available for the Paper Source setting you have selected.

Make the Color setting. Select Color or Color/B&W Photo to print color or monochrome photos, or Black to print a draft or black text only. If you want to print advanced monochrome photos, select Advanced B&W Photo.

When printing on any media other than tracing paper, we recommend Color or Color/B&W Photo even if the data to print is black.

Make the Mode setting. Check that Automatic is selected.

Adjust Speed and Quality in the Mode box if a slider appears. Drag the slider to the left or right depending on which is more important. If you have selected Advanced B&W Photo as the Color setting, select the Color Toning setting from the pull-down menu.

Depending on the Media Type setting you choose, a slider may not appear in the Mode box.

Select the color control mode from the pull-down menu in the Mode box. For detailed information, see Color Control mode.

Click the Paper tab. The Paper menu appears.

Select a paper source from the Paper Source list.

Select Borderless to print your data with no margins. See Making the Borderless setting.

From the Paper Size list, select the size of paper loaded in the printer.

Most Windows applications feature paper size settings that override similar settings in the printer driver.

Make settings for Copies and Orientation, as necessary.

When Paper Tray or Manual Feed is selected as the Paper Source setting, make the Printable Area settings as needed. See Making the Printable Area setting.

When Roll Paper or Roll Paper (Banner) is selected as the Paper Source setting, make the Roll Paper Option settings as needed. See Making the Roll Paper Option settings.

Click the Layout tab. The Layout menu appears.

  • The functions on the Layout menu are not available when Roll Paper (Banner) is selected as the Paper Source setting.
  • Depending on the paper source you choose, some of the functions may not be available.

Select Reduce/Enlarge, and then adjust the size of printed data, if necessary. See Making the Reduce/Enlarge setting.

Select Double-Sided Printing, and then make settings as needed. See Making Double-sided Printing setting for details.

Select Multi-Page, and then make settings as needed. See Making Multi-Page settings for details.

Click OK. The screen returns to the Print Setup dialog box (or a similar dialog box) of your application.

Click Print to start printing.

While printing is in progress, the EPSON Progress Meter appears, showing the printing progress and the status of your printer.


Canceling printing

To cancel printing in progress, click Stop on the EPSON Progress Meter.

You can also pause or restart printing. To pause printing, click Pause. To resume printing, click this button again.

If you stop printing in progress, you may need to start printing again from the beginning for best result; otherwise, misalignment or banding may appear in the printed image.



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