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The power light does not turn on
The power light is on but nothing prints

The power light does not turn on

Cause What to do
The power cord may not be properly plugged into the electrical outlet. Turn off the printer and check the power cord connections between the printer and the electrical outlet. Then turn the printer back on.

The electrical outlet may be controlled by an outside switch or an automatic timer.

Make sure that the switch is turned on or plug another electrical device into the outlet to check whether the outlet is operating properly.


The power light is on but nothing prints

Cause What to do
Your computer may not be properly connected to the printer. Perform the setup procedure described in the Start Here sheet.
The interface cable may not be plugged in securely. Check both ends of the interface cable between the printer and the computer.
You may not be using the correct interface cable. If you are using the USB interface, use a Revision 1.1 or 2.0 cable.
Some error may have occurred. Check the lights on the Control Panel to see if lights other than power light are flashing or on in red.
See Error indicators
Your printer may have broken. Print the nozzle check pattern to see if the printer is broken.
See Running a printer operation check If the printer does not print, it may broken. Contact Epson Customer Support.
Your application software is not properly set up for your printer. Make sure that the printer is selected in your application software.

Your computer system's memory is too small to handle the volume of data in your document.

Try reducing the image resolution of your document in the application software, or install more memory in your computer if you can.



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