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Printing with Windows

Getting Information Through Online Help

Accessing help from your application
Accessing help from the Windows Start menu

Your printer software has an extensive online help feature, which provides you with instructions on printing, making printer driver settings, and using printer utilities.

Accessing help from your application

Open the File menu and choose Print or Print Setup. Then click Printer, Setup, Options, or Properties. (Depending on your application, you may need to click a combination of these buttons.) Click Help at the bottom of the Main, Paper, Layout, and Utility menus for help related to the items on that menu.

You can get specific help related to any item on a menu by right-clicking the item, then clicking the What's This? command.


Accessing help from the Windows Start menu

Click the Start button, point to Programs and Epson (for Windows 98) or EPSON Printers (for Windows 2000), then click EPSON Stylus COLOR 580 Help. The help contents window opens.



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