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Scanning Basics

Adjusting the Gray Balance Intensity Setting

Gray balance makes it possible to remove a cast (tint) from a specific color.

In the Color Adjustment dialog box, click the eyedropper button under Gray Balance Intensity.

The mouse pointer changes to an eyedropper, with movement restricted to within the Preview window.

Move the eyedropper to a location where you want to adjust its gray balance intensity, and then click the color.

The color you selected appears in the two boxes below the Gray Balance Intensity slider.

Move the slider left or right, or enter a value in the text box to change the gray balance intensity level of the color.

set to 100

You can enter a value between 0 and 100. Changing the value causes the color in the right hand box to change accordingly. The changes are also reflected in the image in the Preview window.

See Color Adjustment for more information on adjusting the gray balance intensity level.



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