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How To / Use Tools and Make Settings in EPSON Scan

Preview Images

Normal Preview
Thumbnail Preview

Before you scan an image, you can use the Preview window to see the effects of most EPSON Scan settings, and to make additional image adjustments.

Clicking Preview starts prescanning and previews the image. Depending on your mode and the Document Type settings, a small arrow appears to the right of the Preview button allowing you to select a preview method. Click the arrow and select Thumbnail or Normal to change the preview method.

  • The Preview window is not available in the Full Auto Mode.
  • If the Auto preview check box is selected in the Home Mode main window, the preview scanning automatically starts when you access the Home Mode.
  • If there is no arrow to the right of Preview, EPSON Scan automatically uses the Normal Preview method when previewing an image.

Normal Preview

The Normal Preview method allows you to see the entire preview image and the effects of settings you made, and to make additional image adjustments. You can also use marquees to scan selected portions of an image. For details on marquees, see Using Marquees.

Click the Zoom Preview button to zoom in on a selected area of the image. Use a marquee to select the part of the image you want to zoom and then click this button. An enlargement of the selection appears in the Zoom menu, allowing you to see the effects of your settings in more detail.

When the output size of the scanned image is already decided, select an appropriate setting from the Target Size list. A marquee proportional to the measurements of the Target Size setting appears in the Preview window. You can move this marquee to the area of the image you want to scan. For more details, see the online help.


Thumbnail Preview

The Thumbnail Preview method allows you to preview multiple images in a thumbnail layout. EPSON Scan automatically locates the frames of the film or photos and applies the Auto Exposure feature to each image. You can modify each thumbnail image and make additional image adjustments.

To scan image that appears as a thumbnail, select the check box under the image you want to scan and click Scan.

To modify a thumbnail image, click the image to select it and then choose the appropriate settings. The selected image has a blue frame around it.

To make the same modifications to all of the thumbnail images at once, click All.

To enlarge a thumbnail image, select a desired thumbnail image and click the Full Size tab. An enlargement of the selected image appears in the Full Size menu, allowing you to see the effects of your settings in more detail.

  • When you double-click a thumbnail image, the image is zoomed in and the enlarged image is displayed in the Full Size menu.
  • When you select multiple thumbnail images, you cannot click the Full Size tab.
  • In the Thumbnail Preview, you can create fixed marquee frames if you make the target size setting.



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