Online Reference Guide


Scanning Basics

Getting to Know Your Scanning Software
TWAIN-compliant Applications
Basic Scanning Procedure
Overview of the Basic Procedure
Scanning an Image

How To

Start EPSON Scan Software
Choose a Scanning Mode in EPSON Scan
Specify a Suitable Resolution
Scan Multiple Images at Once
Scan Images for Printing
Scan Images for Viewing on the Computer Screen
Scan Text
Use Tools and Make Settings in EPSON Scan
Preview Images
Using Marquees
Save Files Directly with EPSON Scan
Get the Most Out of the Scanner's Buttons
Buttons on the Scanner
Using the Start Button
Using the Copy Button
Using the Scan to E-mail Button
Using the Scan to Web Button
Assigning a Different Application to the Buttons on Windows®

Using the Optional Automatic Document Feeder

Unpacking the Automatic Document Feeder
Installing the Automatic Document Feeder
Loading Documents into Your Automatic Document Feeder
Scanning from the Automatic Document Feeder
Fixing Paper Jams in the Automatic Document Feeder
Cleaning and Replacing the Paper Path Guide
Document Specifications

Using EPSON Smart Panel

Overview of EPSON Smart Panel
Applications in the EPSON Smart Panel Window
Assigning an Application in the EPSON Smart Panel Window


Cleaning the Scanner
Replacing the Fluorescent Lamp
Transporting the Scanner
Upgrading your OS
Uninstalling your Online Reference Guide


Problems and Solutions
Error Indicator
Scanner Operation Problems
Software Problems
Quality Problems
Film Scanning Problems
Contacting Customer Support
Overview of Customer Support
For Users in North America

Product Information

Scanner Parts
Lights and Buttons
Technical Specifications
System Requirements and Compatibility
Film Adapter
AC Adapter
Standards and Approvals
USB Interface
Accessory Interface Connector
Automatic Document Feeder
Restrictions on Copying
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