Online Reference Guide


Scanning from the Full Auto Mode

Overview of EPSON TWAIN
Loading Slides and Film
Scanning an Image
Customizing the Full Auto Mode Settings
Selecting a Mode

Scanning from the Manual Mode

Using the EPSON TWAIN Manual Mode Window
Overview of the Manual Mode Window
Scanning Procedure in the Manual Mode
Selecting a Document Source
Selecting an Image Type
Selecting a Destination
Setting the Resolution
Using the Scan Button
Using the Full Preview Button
Using the Preview Window
Overview of the Preview Window
Thumbnail Preview
Selecting an Unsharp Mask
Specifying Source and Target Image Sizes
Using the Auto Exposure Button
Optimizing Scanning
Recommended Adjustment Order
Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
Adjusting Color
Using the Reset Button
Improving Text Scanning for OCR
Customizing the Manual Mode Settings
Using the Settings Dialog Box
Making Configuration Settings

Scanning by the Start Button

Start Button Feature
Using the Start Button
Making Windows Settings

EPSON Smart Panel

Overview of EPSON Smart Panel
Applications in the EPSON Smart Panel Window
Assigning an Application in the EPSON Smart Panel Window


Cleaning the Scanner
Replacing the Fluorescent Lamp
Transporting the Scanner
Upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows Me or 2000


Problems and Solutions
Error Indicator
Scanner Operation Problems
Software Operation Problems
Scanning Problems
Quality Problems
Color Matching Problems
Contacting Customer Support

Technical Specifications

System Requirements
Integrated TPU
Standards and Approvals
USB Interface
IEEE 1394 Interface
Initialization Methods
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