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Scanning Basics

Optimizing Image Scanning

Manually optimizing images
Displaying a preview image

EPSON TWAIN can automatically adjust and optimize the exposures and colors of scanned images during scanning. You can also make adjustments manually with the image quality adjustment tools in the Manual mode window. This section provides general information on optimizing images with these tools.

Manual mode window

Note for Macintosh users:
Most illustrations shown in this section are for Windows, so they may vary in appearance from what actually appears on your screen. The instructions are the same, except as noted.

Manually optimizing images

To optimize images manually, adjust the following EPSON TWAIN settings in the order specified below:

Adjust the brightness and contrast

Adjust the Highlight and Shadow settings in the Image Controls dialog box. See Adjusting the Highlight Setting and Adjusting the Shadow Setting.

Adjust the Gamma setting in the Image Controls dialog box. See Adjusting the Gamma Setting.

Adjust the tone curve with a predefined tone correction setting in the Tone Correction dialog box. See Applying a Preset Tone Curve.

Make color adjustments

Adjust the Gray Balance Intensity setting in the Color Adjustment dialog box. See Adjusting the Gray Balance Intensity Setting.

Adjust the Saturation setting in the Color Adjustment dialog box. See Adjusting the Saturation Setting.

Manually adjust the tone curve for individual colors in the Tone Correction dialog box. See Using the Tone Curve.

To make the following adjustments in EPSON TWAIN, you need to display a preview image in the Preview window. See the following section for details.


Displaying a preview image

The Preview window on the right side of the Manual mode window shows you how your adjustments will affect the image as you make them. The Preview window is also the starting point for accessing the Image Controls, Color Adjustment, and Tone Correction dialog boxes that contain tools for optimizing your image.

See Previewing Images for Preview window options, and Configuration for information about how to control preview image quality.

After selecting the Document Source, Image Type, and Destination, click the Full Preview button to start prescanning. A preview image of the document appears on your screen. When the Automatic Preview check box in the Configuration dialog box is selected, a preview image is automatically displayed after EPSON TWAIN is started.

Make sure the Fast Preview check box is cleared in the Configuration dialog box to ensure a high-quality preview.

Click one of the buttons below to open the dialog box with the image optimization tools you need.

Image Controls button

Tone Correction button

Color Adjustment button



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