Problems and Solutions

Setup and Software Installation Problems

The printer makes noise after ink cartridge installation.

You're having problems installing the printer software.

Printer Problems

Only the green  power light is on, but nothing prints.

The printer sounds as though it is printing, but nothing prints.

Your printer makes noise when you turn it on or after it has been sitting for awhile.

Your printer is performing routine maintenance.

Printing is too slow.

Make sure your system meets the Windows System Requirements or Macintosh System Requirements. If you're printing a high-resolution image, you need more than the minimum requirements. You may also need to:

For the fastest printing, try these tips:

Quality Problems

You see banding (light lines).

Your print is blurry or smeared.

Your printout is faint or has gaps.

Your printout is grainy.

You see wrong or missing colors.

Some parts of your print are not as glossy as others.

Because of the nature of pigment inks, the degree of gloss may be uneven on glossy photo papers. Gloss decreases with greater pigment saturation.

Paper Problems

Paper doesn't eject fully or is wrinkled.   

Paper sheets don't feed correctly or jam in the printer.

If your paper jams frequently:

Miscellaneous Problems

The image is inverted, as if viewed in a mirror.

Turn off Mirror Image or Flip Horizontal in the printer software or the mirror setting in your program. See Customizing Windows Print Settings or Customizing Macintosh Print Settings to access Advanced settings.

The printer prints blank pages.

You see incorrect characters.

The margins are incorrect.

Output is not what you expect when printing borderless photos.

Too many copies are printing.

Make sure that the Copies option in your printer software or program is not set for multiple copies.

Image size/position is incorrect.

Make sure the paper and layout options are set correctly.

There are scratch marks on your print.

If you're printing on glossy photo paper, prints may be scratched if not handled properly. Don't place objects on top of your prints, and be careful not to scratch them with your fingernails. For best results, frame your prints under glass.