Reference Guide



How to Print
Printing Text and Web Pages
Printing Photos
Printing on Envelopes
Basic Printing Information
Loading Single Sheets of Paper
Using Special Media
Loading Envelopes
Media Type Settings
Making User Defined Paper Sizes
Various Printing Options
Introduction to Various Printing Options
Borderless Printing
Double-Sided Printing
Fit to Page Printing
Pages Per Sheet Printing
Poster Printing
Watermark Printing
Improving the Print Quality
Checking the Printer Status
Checking the Print Head Nozzles
Cleaning the Print Head
Aligning the Print Head
Other Information
Setting Up Your Stylus CX on a Network
Increasing the Print Speed

Printer Software Introductions

Accessing the Printer Software
Accessing the Printer Software for Windows
Accessing the Printer Software for Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x
Accessing the Printer Software for Mac OS X
Getting Information
Getting Information Through Online Help for Windows
Getting Information Through Online Help for Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x
Getting Information Through Online Help for Mac OS X


How to Scan
Overview of the Basic Procedure
Scanning an Image
Placing Photos and Documents on the Document Table
Various Scanning Options
Choosing an Appropriate Scanning Mode
Changing the Scanning Mode
Making Suitable Settings
Scanning Images Cleanly
Scanning Documents to convert to text data (OCR)
Scanning Multiple Images at Once
Saving Files Directly with EPSON Scan
Using the Preview Window in EPSON Scan
Scanning Using Control Panel Functions
Using Control Panel Functions
Assigning an Application in the EPSON Smart Panel Window
Assigning a different application on Windows
Using EPSON Smart Panel
Overview of EPSON Smart Panel
Applications in the EPSON Smart Panel Window

Scanner Software Introductions

Starting EPSON Scan
Getting Information Through Online Help

Replacing Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges
Checking the Ink Supply
Precautions on Ink Cartridge Replacement
Replacing an Ink Cartridge


Cleaning This Product
Transporting This Product
Updating and Uninstalling Software
Updating your OS
Updating the Printer Software under Windows Me, XP, or 2000
Uninstalling the Printer Software
Uninstalling EPSON Scan


Diagnosing the Problem
Print Head Carriage Problem
Correcting USB Problems
Printing and Copying Problems
Print Quality Problems
Printout Problems Not Related to Print Quality
Paper Does Not Feed Correctly
This Product Does Not Print
Cancelling Printing
Scanning Problems
Scanner Operation Problems
Software Operation Problems
Quality Problems
Color Matching Problems
Customer Support
Technical Support Web Site
Contacting Customer Support

Product Information

Stylus CX Parts
Control Panel Functions
Options and Consumable Products
Exif Print
Using the Memory Card
Loading Memory Cards
Copying Files to Your Computer
Saving Files to the Memory Card
Disconnecting This Product
Product Specifications
System Requirements
Built-in card slots
Standards and Approvals
USB Interface
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